Here are some photographs from the HOST weekend as promised!  Don’t the bags look amazing?

The response from the public was great! Kids and grown ups loved the project and the effort put into each individual bag. 

Every bags donated so far was on exhibit, with a 177 in total.  I don’t think the photographs quite do the display the justice it deserves. It had a really stunning visual impact, stopping everyone who walked through the theatre in their tracks and recieving a lot of compliments.

Workshops were held alongside the display and photographs of the making will follow.

It was a really lovely weekend and the project was able to reach quite a large audience, with a steady flow of visitors coming through the theatres doors throughout the whole weekend.  There was also a lot of interest from the public in getting involved at home! Note to self: Always bring extra BBP info postcards!

Thanks again to everyone who has made a bag so far, and I hope your as proud as I am!